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Find Your Food Freedom

I've helped several women overcome their battle with food, build their confidence and feel at home in their bodies.


Buy this 4-week online course that will help you overcome your food cravings, break your binge/diet cycle, and help you feel more in control around food.

This course will help you:

Do You...

- use food for comfort?

- go on a diet just to find yourself breaking that diet days or weeks later?

- not feel confident in your body?

And you want to...

- feel happy, confident and free in your body.

- feel in control around food.

- lose weight that you've struggled to release for years.

- Use food for comfort?

Struggle No More!

The Find Your Food Freedom Course will help you get to the root of your cravings

and give you tools that will help you find food freedom.

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What's Inside!

Module 1

Learn how to instantly shift from feeling low emotions to feeling happy, confident and free.

Module 2

Learn to set your goals in way that will make you chase after them full of desire and motivation.

Module 3

Learn how to stop falling off track and stick to your health goals.

Module 4

Learn a highly effective tool that will help you stop a binge in its tracks.

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Monique R. Pagán

I once grappled with a strong sweet tooth, believing it to be a food-related issue. Upon closer examination, I discovered that I was using food as a comforting mechanism. By delving into the reasons behind my food choices and addressing the underlying issues, I embarked on a journey to mend my relationship with food. Through this process, I developed self-love practices that allowed me to soothe myself in healthier ways and I'm now here to guide you in doing the same.


It's been three weeks since my session with Monique and I haven't binged at all and have lost 7 pounds. I've learned healthier coping techniques and haven't even felt the urge to binge. The session brought a sense of lightness and empowerment. Food doesn't control my thoughts and I have freedom - something I haven't felt in years.


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Find Your Food Freedom Course

is perfect for you if

you feel like you've tried everything you know how to overcome your battle with food to feel confident in your skin. If you are ready to give up the vicious cycle of dieting and falling off track, this is the program that will change the game for you.

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