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Meet Monique

My Vision

My vision is to help women see that everything they need is within them. They don't need the next fad diet to love themselves and live in the bodies of their dreams. In my own journey, I thought that my struggle was with the food. It took me some time to realize that it had nothing to do with the food. I want to speed up that healing process for women who are struggling with food in their bodies.


Certified Emotional Eating Coach + NLP Practitioner

I used to struggle with sugar addiction and emotional eating. I used to eat the whole box of zebra cakes in one sitting. For a while I’d try out diets just to find myself bingeing again 2 weeks later.

It wasn’t until I began to dig deep into why I was eating emotionally. Underneath the surface I was dealing with low self worth and massive disconnection with my body.

I began healing by reparenting my inner child, trusting my intuition, shifting my limiting beliefs and finding healthy ways to self-soothe.

I am certified in integrative nutrition, neuro-linguistics programming, emotional freedom techniques, clinical hypnotherapy, time techniques, and life & success coaching.

I am also a former professional dancer and Pilates Instructor.

I bring all of these healing modalities into my work as an emotional eating coach.

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